Shinya Miyamoto is a versatile New York City musician from Hiroshima, Japan, with a background in arranging, engineering, producing and, sequencing programming (recording, mixing, mastering, etc.). Shinya began his musical development at age four on piano and continued with the drums at age fourteen. With the drums, he found his true means of personal expression and musical freedom.

He attended Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, where he majored in Professional Music and graduated Cum Lade in 1994. After doing many live music shows and recording projects in Boston, Shinya relocated to New York City to work as an engineer and music programmer at John Hill Music, a commercial Jingle House, where many national TV/Radio commercials and feture film music were produced.

And then, he worked as a mastering engineer and editor at Sterling Sound, the largest music mastering plant in the world. While there, Shinya learned to rely on his musical ability to help him master complicated musical situations. He has performed and recorded for numerous artists and projects all over the world.

These are his recent credits as a drummer in chronological order:


Joi Cardwell (R&B) Jun 12 - (performance)
Big Shot (Michael Delguidice, Mark Rivera, Tomy Byrnes) (Rock) Apr ‘12 (performance)
James "Ajax" Baynard (Crown Heights Affair) (R&B) Jun ‘11 - present (performance)
Ksaun Henry/Jillian Walker (R&B/Pop) Jun ‘11 - present (performance/recording)
Danny Keen (R&B/ Blues) Jun 11 - (performance)
Andy Aledort (Rock / Blues) Oct ‘10 - present (performance)
Gene Ferrari (Jaz/Rock) July ‘10 - present (performance)
Theatre Production of "Evergreen" (Peter Mills) (Theatre) Dec ‘09 & Dec 10 (performance)
Uncle Pumpkin (Rock) Jan ‘09 - present (performance)
First Baptist Church of Crown Heights, Brooklyn (Gospel) June ‘08 - present (performance)
The Family Stand (R&B/Rock) Dec ‘08 (performance - studio only)
Glory Gospel Singers - D&P JOUBERT LLC WORLDWIDE (Gospel) Dec ‘08 - Jul 10 (tours)
Richard Street (Ex. Temptations ‘71 - ‘95) (R&B) Nov ‘06 (performance)
Calvary Baptist Church (Gospel) Sept ‘06 to May '08 (performance)
Dr. Mary (Rock) Sept ‘06 - present (performance)
Debbie Knapper and Knapper Time (R%B) May ‘06 - present (performance)
Notorious MSG (Rap/Hip Hop/Rock) Oct ‘05 - present (performance)
St. Luke AME Church (Gospel) Sept ‘05 - December ‘05 (performance)
Cocolo Gospel Choir w/ Prof. Gregory Hopkins (Gospel) July ‘05 - present (performance)
Eric Dozier (R&B/Gospel) May ‘05 - present (performance and recording)
Agua Clara (Andean Music) Mar ‘05 - present (performance)
Andes Fusion (Andean Music) Mar '05 - present (performance and recording)
Elizabeth Rose (Americana/Eclectic) Aug '04 - present (performance and recording)
Richie Cannata (Billy Joel/The Beach Boys) (Blues, / Funk / Rock) Dec '04 (performance)
Tamira Sanders (R&B) Sep '04 - present (performance)
Asuka Hayashi (Toshiba EMI, Pop) Dec '03 (recording)
Harlem Gospel Choir (Gospel) Oct '02 - Dec '03 (tours)
DJ Tonk (R&B, Milkdipper Production/ Funai/ Universal Japan) Aug '03 (recording)
Yaz Band (Jazz/Fusion/R&B) Mar '03 - present (performance and recording)
Amy Ward Band (R&B / Pop) Feb '03 (performance)
Gary Wofsey (Jazz) Sep '02 - present (performance)
Shakti (World/R&B) June ‘02 - (recording)
Joy Ryder (Rock / Blues) 2002 (performance)
Jel (Pop / Rock) Feb ‘98 ~ Oct ‘99 (performance and recording)
Plastique (Rock / Hip Hop) Dec’97 ~ Feb ‘99 (performance and recording)
Edison With The Weather (Jazz / Pop) Nov ‘95 ~ Feb ‘97 (performance and recording)
John Hill ‘95 ~ Present (recording)
Bobby Bell (Funk) for Skoota Warner (Cyndi Lauper) (Dec ‘98)
Arthur Williams Aug ‘98 and Aug’99 (performance)

- Production / Engineering / Composition / arranging / sequencing -

DaChonne Nicole (R&B) Dec ‘09 (mixing)
The Family Stand (R&B/Rock) Dec ‘08 (mixing)
Uncle Pumpkin (Rock) Jan ‘09 - present (mixing)
First Baptist Church in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY June '08 - present (live mixing)
GNYC MUSIC COMPANY (Variety of projects including MEANY FEST, Dr. May ) 1996 - present (prd, rec, mix, arr, etc.)
Notorious MSG (Rap/Hip Hop/Rock) Feburary ‘07 - present (mixing)
Chelsa Bailey (Pop/Gospel/Country) April ‘06 - present (mixing)
Natalie Wilson (Gospel) June ‘06 - present (mixing))
Firestorm Entertainment (Gospel/R&B) September ‘05 - present (mixing)
Vertigo (Latin Rock, Inka Music) Jul, '05 (mixing)
Agua Clara (Andean Music) April, '05 (mixing)
Pete Tufel (Singer/Songwriter) Mar, '05 (mixing)
Elizabeth Rose (Americana/Eclectic) Aug '04 - Jun '05 (prd, arr, rec, mix)
One Day Left (Rock/Hip Hop) Feb '04 ~ Present (live mixing)
Asuka Hayashi (Toshiba EMI, pop) Dec '03 (prd, rec, mix)
Continental - music club ‘02 - present(live / rec mix)
Don Hill’s - music club '03 (live mix)
DJ Tonk (R&B, Milkdipper Production/ Funai/ Universal Japan) Aug '03 (prd, rec, mix)
Shakti (Indian Infused Hip Hop)Jun '03 (mastering)
Fixer (Rock) May '03 (live sound)
Yaz Band (Jazz/R&B)April '03 (mixing)
Thara (Indian Infused R&B)Jun '02 (prod, eng, arr)
Ben Xavier (Various projects, including Showtime cable vision)'00 - present (rec, mix)
Jel (Pop/Rock) Feb ‘98 ~ Oct ‘99 (prod, eng, arr)
Plastique (Rock/HipHop) Dec’97 ~ Feb ‘99 (eng)
Sterling Sound (Mastering Studio)'00 - '02 (production eng, mastering eng, editing
John Hill (Jingle House/Film Score)‘95 ~ Present (recording)

- Artist atchievements -

Richard Street and the Temptations - Selected to perform amongst a hand chosen group of musicians with Richard Street, former lead singer with the Temptations from ‘71 to ‘95. Street, in addition to singing lead with the Temptations on hits such as “Hey Girl (I Like Your Style) and “Heavenly” was also the featured lead on live performances of some of the Temptations’ Greatest HIts such “I Wish it Would Rain”, “Beauty’s Only Skin Deep” and the infamous “My Girl”

D&P JOUBERT LLC WORLDWIDE - Selected from a list of talented musicians to perform as the primary drummer for the weekly services at the St. Luke’s AME Church in Harlem, NYC. D&P JOUBERT LLC WORLDWIDE is an organization well known for providing the best in musical talent locally, as well as Globally in countries such as France, Germany, Switzerlad, Denmark, Luxembourg, and Austria to name a few

GNYC MUSIC COMPANY - GNYC Music produces a long running cable show called Rockin' Clubs on Time Warner Cable showcasing up and coming artists. In addition GNYC produces one of the largest rock music festivals in New York city called M.E.A.N.Y. FEST-
GNYC Productions has produced the compilation called EAST SIDE OF FASCINATION which was called a "laudable" collection by Billboard magazine. They also provide have many services for artists including booking and promotions in New York city and beyond.

Asuka Hayashi - a Toshiba EMI artist in Japan - Her single “Akekaze” was a big hit last year (No. 28 on oricon (like American Billboard) yearly chart

DJ Tonk - released a few albums in Japan under Grooveguru Entertainment

Harlem Gospel Choir - have toured around the world including all over the U.S.A., Europe, South America, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea and The French West Indies. The choir performed for Nelson Mandela at the Yankee Stadium, the Pope in Central Park, Prince Charles and have worked with U2 (Rattle and Hum album), Paul McCartney (Yellow Submarine), Diana Ross, Jimmy Cliff, Chieftains on their US tour

Jel - Five songs from the album made it into the top 10 at the Garage Band .com chart ( Several of their songs were selected for television programs such as the soap opera "Another World" and MTV.
The band was selected as a finalist for Billboard's "Best Unsigned Band Contest" of 1999

Plastique released EP “Empire of the Black Suns” (Musky!? Records)in March of ‘99
and band was selected to play for CMJ ‘98

Edison With The Weather was a finalists in the Disc Maker’s “Independent World Series” of ‘97


1994 Graduate of Berklee College of Music, Boston MA Diploma in Professional Music, cum laude


Grand Prix winner of Drum Contest of 1999 held by Rhythm & Drum Magazine published by Ritto Music in Japan. This magazine is equivalent to Modern Drummer in U.S.


Sterling Sound, NYC March 2000 - March 2002 Production Engineer
job duty includes putting mastered material onto 1630 or PMCD, quality control, editing music and some mastering includes Christian pop/rock band "4 Him" its album titled "Walk On". Clients are well established record labels such as Sony, Universal, Interscope, RCA, Warner Brothers, etc. with well established acts such as Madonna, Britney Spears, Erykah Badu, P Diddy, Dave Matthews, Back Street Boys, etc. The job duty requires good listening skill. (

John Hill Music, NYC June 1995 - March 2000
Music Sequencing operator/Staff Engineer/Staff Drummer/Arranger/Composer/. Job duty includes music copying, transcription, research of new equipment and maintenance of studio. Projects include TV commercials such as AT&T, Jello, Primestar, TV Guide, Pringles, Travel Channel, Discover Channel, etc., and independent feature films such as "The Day The Ponies Comeback", "Advice From a Caterpillar". "Fish In The Bathtub", "Wonderland", "Tar", "Lucky Man", and "Pompatus of Love" which was included on the album soundtrack Remastering and transferring / archiving old master tapes / vinyls of Mr. Hill's production when he was a record producer at Columbia Records. Tapes are made from 1950's to 1970's

WCVB-TV 5 Boston, May 1994 (picture)
Produced music for "Note the Difference", a statewide campaign receiving national attention. Worked with award winning television producer and director. Also arranged, played drums and keyboard.


ASCAP and AFM local 802.


Audio editing (Protools, Sonic Solution, Session 8, Sound Forge, Peak), MIDI sequencing (Vision DSP and Cakewalk), Notation programming (Encore and Overture), Apple Works, MS Word, Excel, Video editing system , Repair and maintenance for musical instrument (Drums, Guitars and Bases), All kinds of audio equipment (Mastering, Recording, Mixing, etc), computer operation in both Mac OS and Windows, transcription, perfect pitch, drum tuning, songwriting, piano, guitar.
Instructor for drums, ear training, basic music theory and recording technique for all level of students