Instrumens I currently own:
Tama Granstar Custom (In Aqua Marine color, 22”x16”, 16”x16”, 14”x10”, 12”x8”, 10”x8”), Tama Superstar - Edges are recut by Nodar Rode (In Cherry Wine color, 22”x16”,16”x16”, 14”x13”, 12”x9” - custom size, 10”x9”), Negi 8”x2” Tom (for "San Juanito" drums, converted from "Negi Bozu" snare by Nodar Rode), Pearl Custom Classic "Legend" (solid maple, 14”x5”), Tama solid maple snare (proto type - 14”x6”), Tama birch snare (14”x6.5”), Tama birch snare (custom made from a 13” Superstar tom - 13”x6” by Nodar Rode), Tama Hammered steel Shell "Soprano" snare (12”x5.5” with Yamaha Groove Wedge), Ludwig supraphonic 400 (60's14”x5”). All my wooden snare drums have recut edges and snare bed by Nodar Rode. Cymbals: Sabian AAX Stage Ride (20”), Zildjian K Custom Session Ride (18”), Sabian AAX Dark Crash (18”), Zildjian A Custom Projection Crash (17”), Paiste Signature Series Fast Crash (16”)Zildjian K Custom Fast Crash (14”), Paiste Fomnula Sound Edge HiHats (14”), 12” HiHats (Zildjian Z Custom Splash on top with Zildjian Special Recording HiHat on bottom), Zildjian A custom splash (12”), Paiste Signature Series Thin China (18”), and several cracked crash cymbals. Some maracas I bought in Colombia (sounds great!) 2 of alto recorder

Influential drummers: Liberty DeVitto, Jeff Porcaro, Apt. Q258 (Jeff Sipe), Phil Gould, Richie Hayward, Tris Imborden, Jan Kincaid, Bill Gibson, Questlove (Ahmir Thompson), Steve Jordan, Manu Katche, Gene Lake, Stokley, Quinjuan Anderson and Poogie Bell.

"San Juanito" Configuration: I use this configured set to play at places where there isn't much space and I have to play quieter, or I have to use public transpotation to carry my drum set. The sound is tight, but full. My kick drum has good low end and when I mic it, nobody realize that the sound come from such a tiny drum! I also use this to play jazz. It took me over 2 years to complete! The trick is to shrink all the elements, meaning drums and cymbals as even as possible. That way everything will sound balanced. Kick: 16”x16” converted from a floor tom. I use 2 leg brackets for a pair of spurs and one for the ride cymbal. I'm also using a kick drum lifter. Snare: I use 12”x5.5” Tama snare with Yamaha Groove-Wedge. The snare is small in size, but it doesn't sound thin. The closed rim shot sound great too. HiHats: Zildjian Z Custom Splash on top with Zildjian Special Recording HiHat on bottom. After trying many different combinations, I felt that this was the one! Very, very tight, but it has good depth in sound. Ride: I use 18” Zidjian K Custom Session Ride. This is the smallest size ride that sounds really great as ride cymbal. It sounds so great that I use on regular kit too. Crash: 14” Zildjian K Custom Fast Crash. This one is fast, but then it doesn't sound like a splash yet! All my hardware is compiled with lightest possible stands that does not compromise the performance. I carry the set on NYC subway time to time, and it's OK! Sometimes I add 8”x2” tom and 12”x8” tom (floor).

Tama P.T.S. (customized) and stands including customaized HP40, Iron Cobra HP900P Single pedal and HH75N, Iron Cobra HH905 hihat stand. I also use Yamaha HS650 hihat stand, Pearl P-120 kick pedal and very small Ludwig straight cymbal stand for my "San Juanito" drums.

Sticks: Zildjian 5B wooden tip and Vic Firth Brushes Steve Gadd Model

Heads: Remo clear Emperor (for Granstar Custom), Ambassador (for Superstar) on top, Remo clear Ambassador on botton, Attack coated 1 ply medium on snare top, Remo hazy Ambassador on snare side, Evans clear EMAD on bass drum batter with Tama black 250 on front.

Keyboards: Roland A-90Ex, Roland Rhodes 760, Roland M-BD-1

MIDI Sequencer: Vision DSP

Audio Editor: Protools